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How to Choose Mephisto Shoes for a Spring Season?

When spring comes, you can finally take off your warm clothes take a deep breath, and do some shopping to renew your image. As a rule, first of all, we change the wardrobe and shoes. And if we choose clothes, we often start looking at the fashion trends and rely on our own feelings, however, when buying shoes, we should pay attention to several important things. What Mephisto shoes should we buy for the spring season, so that they serve their owner for a long time?

If we talk about the sole of spring Mephisto shoes, they should have a stable heel. It is better to avoid buying shoes or boots with a completely flat and too slippery sole. The thing is that spring weather often involves slush and puddles. That's why, the best option is a slightly grooved sole with protrusions and small cuts, or treads. Moreover, today you can find in the stores the models of Mephisto shoes with soles, specially protected from slipping in the spring season.

You should also remember that the sole should not be very rough and hard, but at the same time, not too soft. If you are planning to buy a pair of Mephisto shoes you will see that the sole bends, without deforming – these are right shoes for the spring season.

The material is another issue in choosing spring shoes. The best option has always been natural materials, for example, leather, suede, textiles, nubuck. Mephisto shoes are made of only high quality leather that allows your foot to breath and you will always feel comfortable wearing them.

For creating a stylish image, ankle boots are perfect. When choosing them, it is necessary to take into account not only the materials, but also the shape, the height of the shaft. The secret lies in the fact that you need to choose the right model. In the early spring the weather can be rainy and even snowy. To ensure that your feet are not damaged by puddles and slush, pay special attention to the zipper on boots or ankle boots. It should not start too low, that is close to the sole. Otherwise, your feet will soak immediately.

Women's Mephisto shoes are practical and modern. A large selection will create a stylish image in casual style. With the help of stylish accessories (bag, backpack, scarf, etc.), you can create a harmonious look. In addition, this is an excellent and convenient option for every day.

Spring is a great time for experiments. Comfortable shoes, exquisite ankle boots, rubber boots or models with a print - the choice is yours. A wide variety of models makes it possible to create bright and unforgettable images and stand out of a crowd.

Several universal tips when buying spring Mephisto shoes:

  • Do not buy shoes in the morning, because by the evening, as a rule, the legs swell. As a result, the bought pair may seem tight and small in size;
  • make sure that the selected shoes fit you in size. Whether it's shoes or boots, they should be comfortable;
  • if you are planning to wear your shoes with the particular outfit, whether a dress or jeans, you can take these clothes with you to the store and try them on with your shoes. You will see if the shoes will match your outfit or not.
  • for you are planning to wear the new shoe for work, you’d better go for classical colors, like black or brown. These colors of Mephisto shoes will emphasize your style and create a formal image.

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