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Using Yoga Mats for Maintaining Good Health

The modern rhythm of life is pretty stressful - poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, fatigue and lack of time to recover. Problems with back and excess weight, as well as chronic fatigue gradually become permanent companions of modern people.

How can exercises on yoga mats help solve these problems? Practicing yoga can:

  • relieve stress;
  • improve mood;
  • recharge your batteries;
  • find peace;
  • improve efficiency;
  • help to keep the right weight;
  • recover from illness and injury;
  • maintain excellent shape and health;
  • look attractive at any age.

    What are the advantages of yoga?

    Yoga really has few contraindications. It has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems of the body. And unlike some sports, yoga can be practiced throughout life, greatly improving its quality, even in advanced years.

    Practicing on your yoga mats you can take control of your body, thoughts and emotions. All this complex system is designed to learn to relax and suppress any emotions if you want to so that in a short period of time the body and thoughts have time to rest and recover. In this state, all body systems come to equilibrium and begin to work effectively, which has a beneficial effect on the metabolism restoration. Ability to effectively relax and quickly concentrate contributes to the accumulation of energy and its competent expenditure. Special asanas, which a yogi takes and a special rhythm of breathing are directed at this. Along with the exercises on yoga mats, the yogi is prescribed a certain direction of thoughts, focusing on the right breathing.

    For those who appreciate a fit body, yoga offers a wide range of possibilities. Many people say that classes have allowed them to become much more enduring. Special exercises involve stretching, forcing the muscles to experience a static rather than a dynamic tension. For example, there is an exercise that allows you to withstand the weight of your body, maintaining balance in a special unusual posture. These exercises on yoga mats are more difficult than power exercises in a gym.

    The effect of practicing yoga is more visible when a person pays more attention to other recommendations regarding the way of life, the order of exercises, sleep, work and rest, proper nutrition.

    In general, following the system of yoga allows a person to lead a balanced lifestyle

    Hatha yoga exists for about 3 thousand years. Let us dwell only on the main advantages that people have practicing on their yoga mats. Hatha yoga is the way to health, because yogic exercises restore the correct structure of the spine, have a regulating effect on the endocrine system, normalize the action of the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and other body systems. It is possible to explain the healing effect of yoga by the fact that asanas and pranayama (breathing exercises) perform a sequential massage of all the organs of the body, train not only large but also small muscle groups that have a healing effect on each part of the body.

    Hatha Yoga is the way to resolve emotional problems, creating a joyful, bright worldview. The mechanism of such a change is the removal of the so-called muscle carapace, which blocks the human body. A German Psychologist W. Reich found out that at the moment a person receives any psychological trauma, the emotional tension remains in the memory of the body in the form of muscle clamps. Gradually, the number of clamps increases, and a person is encased in a shell of not fully resolved psychological conflicts.

    Asanas and pranayama destroy the muscular blockage and prevent the formation of new clamps. A man freed from a muscle shell, is able to experience a full-fledged joy from life. Hata-yoga leads to a significant increase in the intellectual abilities of a man. Yoga practice, especially if the practitioner is young, helps to establish the proper interhemispheric interaction of the brain, forms the integrity and interconnection of all mental processes, influences spatial thinking, teaches a creative, flexible approach to any task; the quality and amount of attention is increased. Hatha yoga increases the attractiveness of a person.

    Why do you need to practice yoga now?

    Many celebrities successfully practice yoga along with other workout equipment due to which they achieve their goals. Those who have already chosen yoga, do not suffer from many diseases because yoga is not just an exercise, it's a way of life.


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